In this lovely weather that we’ve been having, it’s been so nice to be able to dress Little M in rompers and dresses; something a little lighter than the heavy tights and jumpers that she’d been wearing through the winter. I think Little M has been enjoying it too, as she seems to like playing with her dresses, either while she’s wearing them (she flaps the skirt!) or otherwise!… View Post

Roo is now that the age where she likes to select her own outfits (with a guiding hand).  With summer arrived she has been keen to update her wardrobe with pieces that are quick to throw on, comfortable to wear and still offer the sense of style.  The Board Angels range of clothing ticks all these boxes and is available at amazing prices.… View Post

As M is getting older, I’m really enjoying trying her in different clothes and finding out what suits her. I can’t remember the last time I dressed her in a sleep suit (previously her wardrobe staple!) and I love her in leggings, rompers, tights and skirts and little dresses. Pastel colours look great on her, and a subtle print is right up my street!… View Post