From an early age, Roo has always had a ‘thing’ about clothes.  She’d often comment on what her Dad was wearing as he came down in a morning.  Usually with the tone of ‘oh, you’re wearing that top with those jeans’ which he knew instantly that he needed to change.  As we shop for clothes for her wardrobe I can see her mind ticking away thinking about how she can wear that top or skirt with something else.  Rather than just buying something that only matches one or two items in her wardrobe.… View Post

I’ve recently discovered this new handmade brand, Polly Pony, on Instagram. I spent a few weeks swooning over Amee’s designs before she delighted me by asking if I’d be a brand rep for her. Polly Pony focuses on bold, fun prints and wearable designs, with beautiful detailing.… View Post

A crawling and cruising baby need clothes that are practical and stretchy and we have discarded the pretty dresses in favour of shorts at the moment.  Faith at Leopard Spots Baby makes custom clothing for little ones and we are in love with this shorts and headband combo for Cora.… View Post

Piglet is making full use of the garden, especially the trampoline when the older ones are at school.  She craves to go on as I’m hanging out the washing and runs around, bouncing balls in… View Post

In this lovely weather that we’ve been having, it’s been so nice to be able to dress Little M in rompers and dresses; something a little lighter than the heavy tights and jumpers that she’d been wearing through the winter. I think Little M has been enjoying it too, as she seems to like playing with her dresses, either while she’s wearing them (she flaps the skirt!) or otherwise!… View Post