Today is the last day of the school term.  Another school year has flown by and most of us are looking forward to the long lazy days ahead of us.  Whilst I am longing to have the children close by and see what adventures lay ahead, I do like to be organised now for the new school year.  This year Aldi has a £5 school uniform offer available – the deal includes two polo shirts, one round neck jumper and either a pair of trousers or a skirt.

Aldi School Uniform // What we love…

When I was younger there were only one or two school uniform retailers which you had to shop at.  Nowadays we are lucky enough to have the choice, however, that choice can be overwhelming with some retailers possibly getting overlooked.  For example, Aldi’s range of back to school uniform – however, with prices starting from £1.65 for a pack of two polo shirts you’d be surprised at the quality and feel of them.

Last year we purchased a couple of items from the range and they are still going strong now.  So this year, we have purchased pinafores, trousers, and polo shirts in anticipation of the new school term.  Sadly, my children’s school wear purple jumpers and cardigans (I say sadly, but I do love the colour) which mean that we have to purchase these from the school uniform shop.

Aldi School Uniform // The practicalities…

With schools opting for different colour options and the child themselves opting to select from trousers, skirts, pinafores etc. Aldi has catered for the majority of schools uniform codes and children’s preferences in their back to school collection.

As a retailer, Aldi has listened to the comments received regarding their school uniform which was available last year and has made some improvements to it for this back to school season.  Take the polo shirts which have three buttons on the front allowing for ease of dressing (even for little ones), complete with vented sides to give them more movement.  And the pinafore dresses come with a long zip down the front for ease of dressing.

Aldi School Uniform // Where can I get one?

The Aldi school uniform is available in stores now with the Aldi £5 uniform offer being popular for parents. With a selection of school items and accessories available, including wardrobe essentials, PE kits, and pencil cases, Aldi has everything parents need to get set for the new term.

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