Each week we will be speaking to our favourite brands to find out a little more about the inspiration behind their fabulous clothes. This week we are featuring Eve from Baba + Boo.

Please tell us a bit about you and the brand 

img_8882I’m Eve, founder of Baba+Boo. We specialise in reusable nappies and accessories. My little brand of nappies has been going for 6 years. It has been a tough ride learning the world of business but I love what I do and more importantly, I love my customers who give me more support than they realise.

What inspired you to start your own label and how did you come up with your brand name?

I started using cloth nappies to save money when I had two children under two. I found them quite a financial outlay and thought that would be off-putting for mums who wanted to use them but couldn’t afford to on maternity pay. As a buyer before I had children, I started looking into having them made and that’s when the madness of being an accidental businesswoman began.

When coming up with a new season how do you start? Do you have an idea of designs/prints?

I always like to have a cohesive collection of prints with a theme. A few seasons ago, Liane who has a real eye for design said we should just do away with the themes and just have an eclectic mix of prints. I like order and I was a bit apprehensive but it went down a storm – we had zebras and apples in the same collection and everyone loved it. Our main design ethic is that our prints have to be bright. We have done a bit of monochrome as that is a popular trend at the moment.


If you had to pick your favourite piece from your new collection what would it be and why? 

Our Rio nappy is just gorgeous… bright and colourful tropical birds are right on trend and is on track to be one of our best-selling nappies of all time.

When you look at other designers who is your favourite?

I don’t really look at other designers, to be honest. I recently went to Copenhagen and loved pretty much everything I saw. I like unisex clothes which are bright and striking. It’s not really a designer but I am a Tiger Stores addict. Thankfully they haven’t got one in Manchester…yet!

If you can say what is inspiring you for your next collection?

I am a huge fan of autumn and it is my favourite collection to design. This autumn, we are launching a small collection of organic clothing so I have been able to go to town on nappies and clothing. I have gone back to my roots and the collection has a story, with eclectic pieces within it. It is called Elf Town and I cannot wait to launch it.

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