What M Wore // George at Asda Broderie Anglaise Hem Dress

In this lovely weather that we’ve been having, it’s been so nice to be able to dress Little M in rompers and dresses; something a little lighter than the heavy tights and jumpers that she’d been wearing through the winter. I think Little M has been enjoying it too, as she seems to like playing with her dresses, either while she’s wearing them (she flaps the skirt!) or otherwise!

What M Wore // George at Asda Floral Print Tiered Dress

As M is getting older, I’m really enjoying trying her in different clothes and finding out what suits her. I can’t remember the last time I dressed her in a sleep suit (previously her wardrobe staple!) and I love her in leggings, rompers, tights and skirts and little dresses. Pastel colours look great on her, and a subtle print is right up my street!