The Little Lambs One Size Pocket Nappy was one of the first nappies I purchased when pregnant with J.  I managed to buy a bundle when they were on offer from the Little Lambs website.  The reason I chose to try these were the fact that they were one size fits all, it would be more economical as I would get more use out of them as they could grow with the baby. The Little Lambs One Size Pocket Nappy is now on version 2 which are slightly different from the ones I use and they retail at £10.

One thing I wasn’t expecting when J was small was for him to be so small. J was only 6lb 2oz when he was born which meant he had tiny chicken legs which didn’t seem to fit the Little Lambs One Size Pocket Nappy.  I did try him in them on a few occasions but unfortunately, we suffered from leakage.


Once J got bigger  I really liked the Little Lambs One Size Pocket Nappy.  His legs were chunkier and filled out the leg holes better on the nappy.  The fact that the nappy had poppers meant that they were easy enough to adjust in size as he got bigger.  Even though I personally found velcro nappies easier to use the fact the Little Lambs OSFA had poppers was handy, as it stopped J taking off his nappy compared to when I had used velcro.   The nappies came with micro fibre inserts when I bought them, however, I purchased some bamboo inserts and found these more absorbent and slimmer to use inside the nappy.


I wish I bought the nappies in a variety of colours as I only bought white and green because of this I tended to favour the green nappies as they were funkier. I have since sold the white nappies but kept the green ones for when bump arrives.

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