This summer has been no different to any other British summer, some days are scorchers whilst others leave you questioning whether it is actually summer or not. We live on the coast and sometimes the wind can be harsh, even in the summer. In my opinion, outerwear needs to be of good quality and practical.

Last year for our eldest baby we invested in Frugi Puddle Buster waterproof trousers. After a year of heavy use at nursery school and at the weekends on the beach and in the woods they still have plenty of life in them and will be passed down to his siblings. So this year with his Puddle Buster trousers still fitting him, we decided to go for the same brand and buy our middle one a pair.

And this time we decided to give the Frugi Puddle Buster Wellington boots a run for their money too.

Frugi Puddle Busters // What we love…

Frugi Puddle Buster trousers are spectacularly-eco and ethically made from 100% recycled polyester with a polyurethane (PU) waterproof layer. The fabric is well-made, they feel very soft and it’s hard to believe they are waterproof. The colours are fun, unisex and bright, which I love and it also means I can quickly spot my children’s legs whilst running out and about.

The Frugi Puddle Buster Wellington boots are made with real natural rubber and are completely PVC-free (polyvinyl chloride), a green parent’s ideal Wellington boots for their child.

We love Frugi in our household, the colours and prints are exciting and lots of fun. Frugi also uses Fair-Trade factories in India, every employee gets a fair wage and access to a GP.

Frugi Puddle Busters // The practicalities…

Frugi Puddle Buster trousers and wellington boots are obvious practical clothes for children to have fun outdoors what ever the weather, come rain or shine.

The waterproofs are designed to be able to fit cosy layers underneath, but like this warm, wet summer generally, a t-shirt will do. The trousers are lightweight and have a brilliant reflective band around the calf area.

The Wellington boots are wide-brimmed around the top which allows my just turned two years old to put them on herself and clearly they are very comfy because she always wants to put them on.

Frugi Puddle Busters // Where can I get one?

The Frugi Puddle Buster trousers and Wellington boots are available to buy from Don’t forget to use code BUDDY to get 10% off at Babipur

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