I love bright clothes for my children; bright coloured clothing just seems to match the innocence, joy and excitement children have of living life. As adults, most of us dress in dull neutral colours which make us appear to be dressed “like adults”. Picking our clothes as adults is generally about feeling excepted in society, whereas pure minds should be guided to find themselves, not to “fit in”.

When I am shopping for all of my babies, whether it’s browsing the internet or taking a gander through the high street shops, it always crosses my mind to think about whether I am dressing them as adults or children. Maybe I think too much about it, but it feels important to me.

John Lewis Hedgehog Jumper // What we love…

The bright orange colour of this jumper is so much fun, I was first attracted to the colour because it is unusual to find an orange jumper top that isn’t targeted at boys. The jumper is light and perfect to use on its own as a top or to layer up and use as a jumper; it’s a beautiful autumnal jumper.

John Lewis Hedgehog Jumper // The practicalities…

The hedgehog jumper is made out of 100% cotton and is machine washable. The jumper is true to size and comes in sizes from 0-3 months to 2-3 years.

John Lewis Hedgehog Jumper // Where can I get one?

I brought our jumper directly from the John Lewis website for £13.

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