As a child, I can recall having a navy parka style coat.  With a red lining and an amazing hood.  You could often find me prancing around the schoolyard with the hood up, the top button done up and the coat flapping behind me like a cape.

As it came to select winter coats for the children this year I spotted a very similar style coat in Joules.  Hoping to get Roo and Piglet matching coats (twinning is winning and all that), I was disappointed to see that they didn’t go up to Roo’s sizing.  Loving the design so much I still opted for the Joules Parker Parka-Style Coat for Piglet.  I have to confess to wishing I could get one in my size, although I’m not sure I would look half as cute as Piglet does in hers.

Joules Parker Parka-Style Coat // What we love…

The classic styling of the coat means that it looks great with almost any outfit or occasion.  Complete with both a large zip fastening and poppers it ensures that she is as protected from the weather as possible.  With a large hood completing the look and feel to the coat which has one of the classic Joules floral prints as the lining.

Joules Parker Parka-Style Coat // The practicalities…

Whilst Piglet is steady on her feet she does tend to gravitate towards muddy puddles, dirt and lord know what else.  The Joules Parker is machine washable so is easily washed and dried overnight ready for the next set of adventures.

Piglet wears size age 2, which is still a little on the big size for her small frame.  Although this does allow for extra layers on the colder days as well as growing room.

Joules Parker Parka-Style Coat // Where can I get one?

The Joules Parker Parka-Style Coat is available on the Joules website as well as within their nationwide stores.

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