What the Kids Wore // Marloweville personalised t-shirts

I have become quite partial to a slogan t-shirt, not only are they full of personality, they usually go with everything too.  We recently discovered Marloweville who do a range of personalised t-shirts for babies, toddlers and children. Marloweville personalised t-shirts // What we love… Cora’s personalised t-shirt says ‘Welcome to Coraville‘ and I love Continue Reading

What Cora Wore // Little Bird Yellow Cord Skirt

Little Bird has always been one of our favourite ranges on the high street.  Sold in Mothercare stores and designed by Jools Oliver, the colourful range features bright colours, rainbows and a throwback to the 70s.  With adorable baby clothes and kidswear up to age 8, there is always some pieces that really stand out.  The new collection features a yellow cord skirt that I couldn’t resist buying for Cora.

What Piglet Wore // Blade & Rose Butterfly Summer Set

When my eldest daughter was a similar age to what Piglet is now she would be dressed in skirts and t-shirts, or dresses.  Whilst this suited her personality, it is not the route that I have taken with Piglet.  Although pretty dress and such have their place, she is an adventurous toddler so I need to dress her appropriately.  She needs things that will be soft and comfortable against her skin and give her full range of movement.  This is where the Blade & Rose Summer Sets come into play. 

What Cora Wore // Punky Moms Tiny Feminist Tee

Raising a little girl after three boys is different.  Not only am I shopping in a different part of the shop and being exposed to different colours and styles but I am also thinking about the girl I want her to grow up to be.  I like to think of myself as a feminist and Cora is my mini feminist – challenging the stereotypes that society (and even her brothers) want to put upon her.  She is as strong, capable and fierce as any of them and they won’t be calling her a princess for long!

Boots Mini Club // FEARNE by Fearne Cotton AW17

When it comes to shopping within the Boots Mini Club range, the What The Kids Wore team has over 10 years experience.  With myself heading up the team with the oldest child, it is somewhere that I have headed time and time again with each new addition to the family.  In fact, there is always that little tinge of sadness when they finally outgrow the range (I must try to convince the Boots Mini Club range to go up at least age 10).  With each new season, they have a wide variety of styles and prints available with the AW17 range featuring a celebrity collaboration – FEARNE by Fearne Cotton.