What Piglet Wore // Joules Parker Parka-Style Coat

As a child, I can recall having a navy parka style coat.  With a red lining and an amazing hood.  You could often find me prancing around the schoolyard with the hood up, the top button done up and the coat flapping behind me like a cape.

As it came to select winter coats for the children this year I spotted a very similar style coat in Joules.  Hoping to get Roo and Piglet matching coats (twinning is winning and all that), I was disappointed to see that they didn’t go up to Roo’s sizing.  Loving the design so much I still opted for the Joules Parker Parka-Style Coat for Piglet.  I have to confess to wishing I could get one in my size, although I’m not sure I would look half as cute as Piglet does in hers.