What T&E Wore // Frugi Puddle Busters

This summer has been no different to any other British summer, some days are scorchers whilst others leave you questioning whether it is actually summer or not. We live on the coast and sometimes the wind can be harsh, even in the summer. In my opinion, outerwear needs to be of good quality and practical.… View Post

What E Wore // Lilly and Sid Flannel Mouse …

What E Wore // Lilly and Sid Flannel Mouse Pini Set

I remember the first item of clothing I had ever bought from Lilly and Sid for my eldest baby four years ago. The quality of the clothing is outstanding, in fact, it was so lovely that when my son had out grown his Lilly and Sid clothes I gave them to a friend she questioned whether they were brand new. Another item of clothing I brought for my middle daughter was such a favourite piece that she wore it almost every other day.… View Post

What A Wore // Duns Sweden Fish Top

What A Wore // Duns Sweden Fish Top

I try really hard to expose and dress all my babies in all the colours of the rainbow. Every family has their own preferences and outlook on dressing their children. Fashion plays a huge role in our children’s foundation understanding. I believe I can teach and guide my children to be individual, diverse, equal and ethical, all through the clothing I choose for them.… View Post