What Tigger Wore // Occasion Wear For Kids James 5-Piece Suit

There is something so adorable about seeing little ones all dressed up for a party or event.  When it comes to smart wear I often struggle to find something suitable for Tigger.  Usually resulting in a smart pair of jeans (if there is such a thing?) and a shirt.  Whilst this works for some occasions, sometimes there needs to be more emphasis on smart than casual.  

What The Kids Wore // Aldi School Uniform

Today is the last day of the school term.  Another school year has flown by and most of us are looking forward to the long lazy days ahead of us.  Whilst I am longing to have the children close by and see what adventures lay ahead, I do like to be organised now for the new school year.  This year Aldi has a £5 school uniform offer available – the deal includes two polo shirts, one round neck jumper and either a pair of trousers or a skirt.

What Roo Wore // Board Angels Girls Print Heart T-Shirt

From an early age, Roo has always had a ‘thing’ about clothes.  She’d often comment on what her Dad was wearing as he came down in a morning.  Usually with the tone of ‘oh, you’re wearing that top with those jeans’ which he knew instantly that he needed to change.  As we shop for clothes for her wardrobe I can see her mind ticking away thinking about how she can wear that top or skirt with something else.  Rather than just buying something that only matches one or two items in her wardrobe.