For a crawling, cruising baby like Finn, comfort is key and we are a big fan of leggings.  They let him move freely, accommodate his big cloth nappy and there are so many great styles available now.  Blade and Rose have just released their new collection and there are so many colourful designs.  We chose a monochrome look this time though with these crazy cat leggings.  They are really hard-wearing and have plenty of stretch for active kids.

Blade and Rose

These are from B for Boy and are £10 a pair.  The rainbow style are next on our wish list!

We teamed them with an H&M t-shirt that says (rather aptly) Up all night.  The funky bum print means they stand out, even more so on a crawling baby like Finn and we have had several pairs now and find that they wash really well.

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