We’ve had a new addition to the What the Kids Wore team in the form of my month-old daughter, B. One of the things I’ve been extra excited about having a second daughter is the ability to dress the girls in coordinating outfits (much to my husband’s disgust!). So when Teether contacted me and asked if I’d like to review their customised tops and sleep suits for What the Kids Wore, I jumped at the chance!

Teether // What we love…

The first thing that struck me about the clothes when they arrived, was the level of quality. The fabrics are really thick and the printing is perfect. Definitely a good job well done here! The main thing that I like about Teether’s clothes is the ability to customise and personalise your designs, onto whichever item you wish. This makes for a really fun brand!

I chose a giraffe print to be printed onto both a t-shirt for M and a sleep suit for B, as well as complimentary adventure slogans. Unfortunately B is rather a tiny little thing so the sleep suits are currently far too big for her, but there’s plenty of room in M’s t-shirts, too, so I’m looking forward to them being able to ‘twin’ in the not too distant future!

Teether // The practicalities…

Both the t-shirts and the sleep suits are made from 100% cotton and wash at 40ºC. M is transitioning from size 12-18 months to 18-24 months at the moment, and these size 18-24 t-shirts are a good fit with growing room. The sleep suits are 0-3 months, and are too big for B who is 5 weeks at the moment, so I can assume that they are fairly true to size, too.


Teether // Where can I get one?

Teether personalised t-shirts, sleep suits and other personalised items of clothing are available at teether.co.uk. T-shirts are £7.99 and sleep suits retail at £11.99.

Disclosure: We were sent these items free of charge in exchange for this honest review.


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