From an early age, Roo has adored the Harry Potter films and books.  At least once a year she asks for us to take her back to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour so that she can relive the magic of the films up close.  Only within the last year or so has Harry Potter clothing and accessories become mainstream and you are able to find them on the high street.

Roo wears a Harry Potter Quidditch tee from Primark, purchased on an end of summer shopping trip in the city.  The tee is actually from the adult section within Primark, however, we picked up a size 6 and although it is a little baggy on her it still looks great.

What The Kids Wore - Primark Harry Potter Quidditch Tee {Grid}

The burgundy tee is the same colour as the Gryffindor colour scheme.  Emblazed with Quidditch Champions and a golden snitch it is a fun tee for any Harry Potter fan.  Available at just £6.00 it won’t break the bank and perfect for layering over a long-sleeved top as the cooler days draw in for Autumn.

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