Being a mum of both a girl and a boy I often find the difference between their clothing.  One of my biggest bugbears is shorts.  Whilst I am easily able to find shorts that sit either on or just above the knee for Tigger.  When it comes to shorts for Roo they are more like hot pants and personally, don’t find them appropriate.

Thankfully Rockin’ Baby has come to my rescue with their Maise Crop Sailor Trousers.  A longer length short that sits just below the knee.  Perfect for the warm summer days, climbing trees and attempting cartwheels.

Complete with Button detailing to the waist, side pockets and leg vent they look great with summer t-shirts, blouses and vests.

What The Kids Wore - Rockin' Baby Rockin' Baby Maise Crop Sailor Trousers {Grid}

For a full review of the Rockin’ Baby Maise Crop Sailor Trousers, see HERE

The Rockin’ Baby Maise Crop Sailor Trousers is available from the Rockin’ Baby SS16 collection

This post is brought you from Sarah, a mum to three, Roo, Tigger and Piglet.  Find her over at as well as her social media accounts Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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