With winter on its way, I have been preparing the kid’s wardrobes from the bottom layers up and nothing beats natural fibres when it comes to what goes next to their skin.  Merino wool, bamboo, and hemp are all perfect for keeping kids warm in the winter and cool in the summer and we always choose them for thermals and cosy house clothes.

We were sent some items for Finn and Cora from Lithuanian brand Green Rose who make children and adult clothing with care, choosing only the best natural fabrics.

Green Rose // What we love…

In these photos, Cora is wearing a hooded onesie and Finn has a separate Raglan sleeved t-shirt and trousers.  I just love the simplicity of both pieces, how well they fit and how super soft they feel.  We will be using them around the house as comfy lounging clothes for now and under other bits in the height of winter and when we go skiing.

Cora’s onesie has buttons down the front as well as under the legs to make for easy nappy changing and both the arm and leg cuffs can roll up and down meaning that the same garment lasts much longer.  She is wearing an age 1-2 and I think it will definitely last her another year.

Finn’s top is just beautiful and you can also get a plain navy top to match the trousers.  The cuffs on the trousers fold up and down as well and Finn is wearing the age 2-4 which I think will last him another year as well.

Green Rose // The practicalities…

These clothes are made of merino wool which is ideal for babies and children as it is naturally breathable and helps them regulate their temperature, keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  These items are machine washable and ideal for people with sensitive skin as they are naturally hypoallergenic.  Merino wool is naturally antibacterial which means that the clothes don’t need washing as often too, especially if worn as a base layer and not exposed to the food and dirt that toddlers naturally seem to be drawn to!

Green Rose // Where can I get one?

You can buy baby, child and adult clothing from the Green Rose website.   We highly recommend them and the child don’t ever want to take them off!

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