Whilst I think that Tigger looks cute in whatever he wears I do love it when he is wearing something smart.  Being a boy, however, does mean that smart doesn’t always equal practical so he is often found in t-shirts etc.

I’m loving the SUNUVA boys fashion collection as they seem to have found the balance between looking smart and being practical.  Take this SUNUVA boys linen shirt it can be worn in the garden, down the beach or heading out to dinner.  The sleeves can be worn as a full sleeve or at 3/4 quarter length to add that extra touch of practicality.


Paired with either a nice pair of jeans or when the sun is shining the SUNUVA boys navy shorts.  The shorts have a tailored feel and look to them but are soft against the skin and allow Tigger to have great freedom of movement for whatever adventures he is embarking on.


The SUNUVA Boys Summer Fashion is available to buy from the SUNUVA website.

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