With pale skin, Tigger tends to burn really easily so we try to keep him covered up over the summer months.  Not necessarily easy when the weather is warm and the paddling pool is out.

SUNUVA, however, have a fabulous range of swimwear fashion for boys which include a selection of short sleeve rash tees which offer UPF 50+ Protection.  Tigger has been wearing a white and navy short sleeve rash tee with a pair of blue tailored swim shorts.


The combo together I’m sure you will agree looks great and something that he has worn to the beach, whilst running around the garden with the hose pipe and even down the park.  Although it is swimwear I do think that you can get away with this as an outfit too and feels so soft against the skin.


The SUNUVA Boys Swim Fashion is available to buy from the SUNUVA website

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